Maxine Turner

My work is inspired by my sensory engagement with the sights, sounds, smells and textures of my environment, and is an expression of the beauty I find in nature and an exploration of man’s relationship to the natural world. I often focus closely on ignored or overlooked things and question imposed hierarchies. Transience, fragility, transformation and the passing of time are all important elements of my practice and whilst looking at the outer landscape I explore our interconnectedness with nature and the way it is reflected in our inner selves. The medium chosen to express my ideas varies according to my intuitive response, and to date includes sculpture, installation, photography, video, sound and print-making.

The process of making is of key importance and I am drawn to a quiet, contemplative process of working in repetition, whether repeatedly documenting observations photographically or repeating an action with materials. Although I work with many different materials I frequently return to using porcelain. It can be a difficult material to work with but I enjoy the physical engagement with it as well as the interplay of chance and control that it provides at every stage of making.

Although I make work for a variety of locations, the work and the space in which it is shown are of equal importance and they work together to form a connected whole that encourages us to take note of our surroundings.

Maxine Turner

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